Building homes is not only about the construction of the home, but more about making that "house" a "home". Over the years, we have had the pleasure of putting our talents to work for some exceptional families and assisting them in realizing their dreams.



“We have built two homes since we moved to Florida almost 20 years ago. But by far, Brierhill Homes was the best! Dave and Terri gave us the most personalized service by always being patient with our questions and suggestions. After we moved in, Dave would answer and help us years after the house had been built; now that is service! Also, Brierhill uses top notch vendors and we have been pleased with every aspect of the building process. You WILL NOT be sorry with Brierhill Homes.”

"...We have previously built several homes with nationally recognized production builders, semi-custom builders and custom builders. From the beginning, it was apparent that Brierhill Homes was operating and delivering at a very high level of excellence in the custom home market arena. Thanks for a wonderful “Florida Resort Home.”

“We love the layout and design of our home! Dave and Alan worked for weeks in tweaking fine details to get the layout just right. 17 years later, and it still feels special. Brierhill’s personalized service before, during, and after construction is unmatched. Completion of our dream home would not have been possible without the very personalized service that Brierhill provided.”

“Seven years ago Terri and David Rauh of Brierhill Homes completed our home. We could not be happier with the building process, our home, or the follow up since then. We approached three custom builders about constructing our dream home. After meeting with each builder and receiving proposals, it was clear that Brierhill Homes was the right choice. We have never regretted that decision. During the building process, there are lots of decisions, lots of costs, and lots of stresses. You could not have a better team to guide you through this maze. Both Terri and Dave are intelligent, caring, creative and willing to do what it takes to make your house a home. The small details and finishing touches are what make your home special. David stood in our entry way and said, “I think we could put a wine cave here under the stairs.” Now it is completed with custom iron work and rough hewn wood countertops. These thoughtful custom features are what you will love about your home for years to come. They make it uniquely yours. Brierhill makes sure this happens. Since our home was completed, when we see Dave or Terri at a restaurant or the grocery store, they know us and our children by name. They are the owners of the company and they are PERSONALLY involved with the entire process. They are on site. They talk to you. They take your stressed out phone calls on the weekends. They are committed to you and your project and they KNOW you -really amazing! If we ever build a home again, there is no doubt who we would choose, Brierhill Homes, because Terri and David Rauh are amazing. You will be blessed to work with them.”

“...To make us comfortable in the construction process, Dave took us to his former clients’ homes - these are homes he built two or three years back and he is still on friendly terms with the home owners! Talk about a long-term commitment! This showed us that Brierhill not only builds great homes but they literally stand behind their products! While Dave is the master builder, Terri’s taste in picking the components for the home is impeccable and together they are a formidable team. It has been a pleasure working with them and seeing how they are making our dreams come true.”

“I wanted to update you about our experience in our handsomely crafted Brierhill home, built by you. Saying goes “grass is greener on the other side”. However, in this case, I can confidently say that the grass is greener on our side. What I mean is that even three years after moving into our beautiful home, built by Brierhill Homes, we have not found a single home that matches ours, in terms of quality of design, selection of amenities, and superb craftsmanship. To this day our friends visit the house, and take pictures of certain areas, to remodel their own homes in her image. We are highly impressed with the after sales service provided by Brierhill Homes. Minor issues arise in any house after moving in. We have been highly satisfied by the prompt and professional manner in which Brierhill Homes has responded to our quarries. Dave, we thank you very much for the unique pleasure that we had while working with you during the construction of our home, and for the unique pleasure of living in this wonderful home everyday. We highly recommend Brierhill Homes to anybody who is looking to construct a heavenly abode in this world!”

"We are SO HAPPY with our home and we continue to spread the word about Brierhill Homes."

"We are really proud to say that Brierhill Homes built OUR home."

"Thank you for your creativity and fine quality in building our new home. WE JUST LOVE IT!"

"Your company is BY FAR the most professional builder with whom we have worked. Your staff executes well thought-out plans with seemingly flawless efficiency."

"Thank you for making this experience so pleasant and for building such a nice home for us."

"You made our dreams come true! I will never be able to say 'Thank You' enough."

"We are really enjoying our new home. Thank you so much for helping share our dream. Wishing you and your family the best!"

"We wanted you to know how comfortable & secure we feel with your ethics and philosophies. We are truly pleased to have you as our builder. Congratulations on the success of Brierhill Homes. We're really proud to say you built our home!"

"Dave, how is the BEST BUILDER in Orlando? Hope you are all well!"

"Twice now we have built with Brierhill Homes - and twice we are happy campers! Thank you!"

"We want to thank you for building us such a beautiful home. Our friends and family still can't believe that we live in such an exquisite home. We are so happy with all of the choices we made. Thanks for making such a lengthy and tedious process so enjoyable. It was a pleasure working with you!"

"We absolutely love our new home. It's perfect in every way. We are so grateful to have been introduced to you. You have helped us realize our dream home."